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Helluva Coincidence

20 Jul

It’s a small world indeed.  I stopped by the Little Lehigh Fly Shop in Allentown, Pennsylvania yesterday.  After speaking to the owner, Rod, he mentioned that he was in the Gunnison River Fly Shop only 3 days ago!  Our shops are 1,800 driving miles apart.  Rod had met with Oscar and was planning to book a fly fishing trip in September, but had lost our business card.  What are the odds? The Little Lehigh Fly Shop I really can’t say that I’ve ever seen a prettier fly shop.  Rod is a wealth of knowlege, right there on the river.  He’s been around since 1993 and watched bigger fly shops come and go.  We both agree that the secret to success is quality advice and a willingness to help beginners. Although the river is heavily pressured, it remains very productive.  The local record trout is 18 pounds, with a 10 pounder caught right in front of the shop.   If you plan to fish the Little Lehigh, follow this advice. 1.  Don’t dress like a band leader.  Stick to subdued colors like brown and green 2.  Use a subdued color of fly line 3.  Don’t wade unless you really need to 4.  Rainy days might be your best opportunities to catch a big one.  Stick to streamers when the water is off-color.